GOD WANTS YOU WELL!   Healing Miracles!   -     Healing CD!
God Wants You Well...in every area of your life.


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This CD carries a supernatural anointing for healing miracles. It is used in prayer rooms and hospital rooms to bring in an anointing for healing miracles from God. It will help build your faith to receive healing.

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God Wants You Well is strong healing medicine! ...the anointing from God it carries can touch your area of need. God Wants You Well releases life-giving words and Scriptures for healing to a background of beautiful music to inspire and lift you up before God...to bring you into His presence for healing. It brings peace and confidence. Many people tell us that they listen to it even to help therm fall asleep at night...  God Wants You Well is professionally recorded with symphonic quality sound.



As you listen to God Wants You Well, a turnaround can begin in your area of need, and  begin to manifest from that day forward...because God Wants You Well!    (See for example the miracle healing in the Bible where Jesus healed a boy over a period of time, and there was a day and hour  "...when he began to amend." Jn.4:50-54)

Tracks include:                                                          

  • Healing All Kinds of Sickness and Disease                                                                                                                             

  • Breaking the Curse of Generations
  • The Passion of Yeshua                                                              

  • God's Will To Heal      

  • You Will Not Die!   ...and many more..