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Healing for the Nations - Holylands / Israel    


  • Aid Israel craftsmen and artists in need through our ONLINE STORES & Conferences

We work directly with local Israeli artisans, crafts people and businesses that struggle due to conflict in the land. We publicize their need for help abroad, and sell their products abroad through our online stores and distribution efforts at conferences and seminars

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  • Friend of Israel & her diverse people
  • Intercession on the Walls of Jerusalem and at strategic locations across the land
   At the Western Wall            Divine appointments in the Old City     Praying over Jerusalem from year to year & encircling it with prayer & prophetic declaration from atop the ancient city walls

Northern most Israeli city of Metula overlooking Lebanon & weapons caches aimed at us as we look; chronic tension & danger; Gate to Lebanon. Used to be a friendly crossing for local people and workers. Now only military personnel pass through.

   High above the very special city of Kiryat Shimona, whose brave people have withstood many 1000s of missiles year after year, with little acknowledgement of their plight by others. We believe these lands of the north are very much on the good Lord's heart.

Praying around Caesarea Phillipi and Banias Waterfall. It was at Caesarea Phillipi that Jesus declared to His disciples that He would build His church "on this Rock." Due to the beauty and abundance of cool waters that flowed forth from this area, many pagan shrines were erected here - and on a very large scale by the Romans. The tribe of Dan, after it fell into idolatry, settled nearby and also established a dark stronghold of idolatry in the land. Serious prayer has been needed. The entire region of the north is a type of headwaters... things flow south from here into the mainland of Israel. Water itself is at issue here. Israel's water situation is most perilous & water levels are falling. Contested lands in the north of the country actually involve vital water sources for the entire country. Even now, water table levels are historically low in the Galilee - so low there is the threat of salt water seeping in & permanently contaminating the fresh water. Israel desperately needs an abundance of FRESH CLEAR WATER spiritually and in the natural.

  • Work  toward apprehending and restoring God's  TRUE Christianity and  true Judaism and how the house of Israel bears on that

The great Museum of the history of Jerusalem is housed in David's Citadel, an ancient fortress at the gate to the Old City through which General Allenby passed when he took the city for the British in World War I. One diorama in the Museum depicts the time in the history of Jerusalem when the Levites and priests ("Cohens" in Hebrew) were removed from spiritual leadership over the house of Israel by a non-Levitical group that was in conflict with them. The Bible says that God Himself set the Tribe of Levi apart to minister to Him and serve in spiritual leadership as priests in Israel. However, the non-Levites believed that they should be able to lead instead - and officiate over the tithes and offerings of the people as well as over the people's relationship with God. This gave rise to the leadership of "Rabbis" within Judaism. They wrote books like the Talmud and Mishna where they established their views of religion, God, and Scripture as authoritative. Their beliefs are the basis of most of Judaism as it is practiced today. They also invented many of the religious customs that Jewish people follow today, which are passed on within rabbinical lineages that consider themselves authoritative with regard to how Jews should conduct themselves vis a vis God. In view of this, one could ponder why it is recorded in God's word that Jesus said to the multitudes, "Do not be called  "Rabbi."(Mt.23:8)



  •  The Aliyah Project 


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“We believe the Lord wants to build a work of love that will serve as a conduit or roadway for resources and people to flow into the land of Israel--- in order to bless God's House of  Israel, to bless many people in need, and to bless the people who will help to carry out this great work of love."



God haYimagess a very special place in His heart for Israel -- the land and the people

Zechariah 2:8-11 “For thus says the LORD of hosts: “He sent Me after glory, to the nations which plunder you; for he who touches you touches the apple of His eye . For surely I will shake My hand against them, and they shall become spoil for their servants. Then you will know that the LORD of hosts has sent Me."

UNDERSTANDING ISRAEL TODAY...   Thinking outside the box about News & World Events...       



  • Host and Group Leader for Tours/ pilgrimages to Holy Lands to familiarize people with the land, its people, splendor & importance 

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Holy land in 2013, 2014 

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Tours are hosted by Rafi & Dr. Carol. Visits to traditional holy sites as well as our own special places that we would like to share with you. Government licensed tour guides also escort  the groups. Click here for more information