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A success story... (Please note, Healing For The Nations no longer receives donations for the Houma-Bay project. It is supported elsewhere.)


Healing for the Nations - KENYA

The city of Homa-Bay in on the shores of  vast Lake Victoria

A major work of Healing for the Nations that we were able to do by the grace of God during 2005-2008 was to help establish and fund an orphanage in Homa-Bay, KENYA for 25 children. Working together with an energetic young pastor, David Oloo, and his father, Bishop Nashon Oloo, we had the privilege of caring for these dear children --who had been orphaned largely due to the ravages of AIDS upon their families.

Children at Pastor David Olloo's -  Homa-Bay Orphan Life Resurrection Center


From 2005-2008 the responsibility of the orphanage rested heavily upon us and was a major work of our ministry as Rafi spent countless hours visiting, writing, phoning, and emailing to rally support and sponsors to this cause... as well precious intercessors labored in prayer for the children & their faithful caretakers. More recently other ministries have come alongside the labors of David Olloo, and we are glad to report that the needs of the orphanage are being undergirded by a number of individuals and ministries who have donated time, held conferences in Homa-Bay, funded facilities and improvements, and seen to the regular and emergency needs that arise in funding and caring for 25 children.

25 children now have a Christian home and proper care & education


We continue to hold in our hearts great concern for the many other orphaned children of Homa-Bay and other towns of Kenya who are to this day in need of food, shelter, education,  and loving care. At times people who take the children in are themselves living in great poverty. Our hope is that all the people in need who care for groups of orphans will be assisted by long distance sponsors in the same way that Pastor David Olloo's Homa-Bay Resurrection Life Orphanage has been.

It is a 3-hour road trip to reach Homa-Bay from the nearest city, Magori

Kenya is a vital nation of ethnic and religious diversity  where many devout Christians live. Kenya has also suffered from strife, famine, poverty, and AIDS epidemic.  Early in 2005 we received a call to assist in overseeing a group of Kenyan churches concerned to evangelize and bring healing ministry to people of this region --who often must depend on the miracles of God for healing. As well we were asked to assist a young Pastor David Oloo and his father Bishop Nashon Oloo, in organizing and funding an orphanage. Rafi travelled to Homa-Bay, Kenya, where many children are orphaned, initially to meet  Rev. David Oloo and conduct healing crusades in several villages. Then to work closely with David Olloo to help get an orphanage funded & formally established with running water, and basic needs met.

Many children in Kenya have lost their parents due to AIDS, which afflicts a high percentage of the population. Healing for the Nations raised funds to provide monthly support for the children for food, supplies, and medicine as well as funding for emergency needs, and tuition for the older children to attend high school.  In Kenya schooling beyond grade 8 is not free, but must be paid for. Unfortunately the cost is equivalent to the average person's yearly salary!  So normally only the privileged can receive higher education, which in Kenya, is the route out of poverty.. We wanted to be sure that each of our children of high school age could have this privilege, and so Rafi & Dr. Carol spent countless hours seeking funds for the children's needs.

While Rafi was in Kenya he was touched at the plight of so many children wherever he went and their need for the basic necessities of life. Many adults have taken in one or more of the orphaned children, and in turn these families struggle to have sufficient food each day, much less luxuries like education. We felt that if we supported David Oloo's work, we could see a group of 25 children have their need for food and shelter, Christian education, and high school education and some vocational training met, which would in turn prepare therm for leadership in their land later in life. Through sacrificial giving, Healing for the Nations met this need and was able to provide the rent for an orphanage facility. We also provided funds for food, emergency medical care, school & school supplies, and publicized the need & oversaw funds sent to assist David Olloo's work by several other individuals & ministries.

  • Helped establish & support orphanage for children in Homa-Bay 2005-2008
  • Bible Studies
  • Healing and Evangelistic Crusade
Rafi in Homa-Bay, KENYA                                    The youth lead in worship
Rafi ministering  the God's Word of healing outdoors and in the city of  Magori
Outdoor Healing Meetings                                        Miracle Crusade
  • Ministry Support, Fund Raising, & Spiritual Oversight 2006-2008 for Pastors David Oloo & Bishop Nashon Oloo and their ministries and church

From 2005-2008 Healing For The Nations carried on the sole support for the orphanage. We are grateful that other individuals and ministries have now stepped in to raise funds and care for these precious children. Healing for the Nations is now directing its attention to the grave needs of orphaned children and people in need in Haiti and the Philippines.


Rafi & Pastor David Oloo formally open the Orphanage, The Homa-Bay Orphans Life Resurrection Center         
The Children in front of showing gifts and wearing new clothes that Rafi brought the children from donors in Wilmington, North Carolina.
 Homa-Bay, KENYA -   The congregation in front of Christ Faith Evangelical Church  
Rafi with Bishop Nashon Oloo and an elder,  in Homa-Bay, KENYA                                            
The children at their new home, TheHoma-Bay Orphans Life Resurrection Center.Praise the Lord!!
The Olloo's  minister with the Hebrew prayer shawls from Israel that Rafi presented them on behalf of Healing For The Nations