How To Make GOOD Decisions
Making Decisions in Confusing & Difficult Times

Important NEW DVD SET - 2 DVDs by Dr. Carol Cohen


Dr. Carol says, "It's time to say 'Good bye' to CONFUSION ..." 


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Making Decisions in Confusing & Difficult Times

These have been days of great CONFUSION for many people. So many voices and opinions clamoring for attention and urging us to act one way or another. But what are the right choices for you and your loved ones? This is a 2-part DVD set that Dr. Carol just filmed in Wildwood, New Jersey, where she speaks with wisdom and compassion to people just like you and me, who need HELP TO CLEAR UP THE CONFUSION OF THESE DAYS.

PART 1:  Clearing Up The Confusion: 

               How To Make Good Decisions ... For people in the Churches

PART 2:  Clearing Up The Confusion:

        How To Make Good Decisions ... For people seeking Victorous living


Topics include:

  • Confusion is not from God
  • Sources of mental confusion
  • Freedom from a chronic state of confusion
  • Tough decisions
  • Hard business decisions
  • Decisions about finances
  • Avoid bad decisions
  • Hard decisions made easy
  • When to wait
  • Making good decisions takes know-how
  • Avoiding deception
  • Your friends may be wrong
  • Be careful of what you say
  • What the Bible says about  CONFUSION
  • Effective decision-making as a Way of Life
  • Walking in peace
  • and much more






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