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Healing Scriptures audio & music CD with 22-page GOD WANTS YOU WELL Teaching Notes

This CD comes with 22-page Healing Scriptures & Ministry Notes. These are the original teaching notes used in Healing Conferences around the world.    

Orig.: $21.95
Sale: $18.95

HEALING MINISTRY PACKAGE - Scriptures, Healing Ministry, & Prayer

 The Healing Ministry Package includes:

  • GOD WANTS YOU WELL! Healing Scriptures & Prayer audio CD with beautiful music by the London Symphony Orchestra
  • Rafi's 22-page Healing Scriptures & Ministry Notes
  • Powerful Ministry CD: The Blood of Jesus: Breaking the Curse of Generations of Inherited Sickness and Disease
  • Anointed CD:  Breaking Vows of Affliction: Freedom from the afflictions and torments that have pursued you since childhood
  • A special CD that Rafi will prayerfully select for you
  • One of the following precious anointing oils from Holy land:
                 Spikenard        Lily of the Valley          Frankincense

Orig.: $49.95
Sale: $45.95




The original: GOD WANTS YOU WELL! audio/cd 

Produced with spectacular music by the London Symphony Orchestra.

...with Bible scriptures, prayers for healing, healing music,and the power to HEAL

Played in Healing Rooms & hospitals across the country




It's like nothing you've ever heard. Beautiful and wonderful to listen to...

Prayers for the sick...to foster HEALING

This CD audio carries a supernatural anointing for healing miracles. It is used in prayer rooms and hospital rooms to bring in the power for healing miracles from God. It will help build your faith to receive healing!  

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