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 The CLASSIC - GOD WANTS YOU WELL! AUDIO CD  Healing Scriptures & Healing Prayer audio/  CD  -- with prayers for the sick -- IS BEING RE-RELEASED to build your faith for REAL BIBLE HEALING. find out more here


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    from Holy Lands   $14.95


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We rejoice to see GOD HEALING!  God Wants You WELL! ...and NEW! in every area of your life...and He wants BREAKTHROUGH for your people!  Learn more about  personal healing, His powerful work in the nations, resources to help you receive and grow in the abundant life He desires for you, strategic training for people called to come into position with the Lord of Hosts, and ministry opportunities abroad...plus a great opportunity to bless Israel.
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This video will air on TV in Africa over the next several weeks in preparation for a Miracle Healing Crusade that I will lead in Equatorial Guinea's capital city, Malabo. I think it will touch your heart with hope. The pictures are largely from my other trips to Africa: Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana. I hope to share video of the Equatorial Guinea Healing Crusade with you after the trip, and pictures of miraculous answers to prayers for healing.
NEWS ... WEBINARS & teleconferences with Pastor Ron ... every Tuesday & Sunday ...
How To Make GOOD Decisions
It's time to say 'Good bye' to CONFUSION ..."  


NEWS... Our Prayer for Healing website prayer-for-healing.net

NEWS... Rafi taught 8-week Beginner's Hebrew course  click here

NEWS... Rafi's testimony featured in new book by Sid Roth / Destiny Image Publishers click here


NEW TEACHING:  "LIFTINGUP THE ROD OF AUTHORITY"  Fresh insight Ron has received about using the Name of Jesus as a weapon of warfare. "This is a very powerful and effective teaching that many people have said has given them new revelation on using The Name." To order CD click here


NEWS... a place for end-time PROPHETS of the LORD of HOSTS to gather & dialogue school-of-the-prophets.info


Best of Israel Tours

Come join us in ISRAEL 

10-day Inspirational Tours 

Feb. 2014,       Feb. 2013 - not available

Hosted by Rafi and Dr. Carol Cohen


                Hosted by Rafi & Dr. Carol Cohen

NEWS... We thank God for BREAKTHROUGH into wonderful healings & deep release from LONGSTANDING AFFLICTIONS & oppression  -even for mature Christians- at meetings in DE, NC, MD, NJ, CA, OH, WV, NY, PA & Canada. Plus Critical Teaching for People Called to The Army of God.

This dear gentleman is rejoicing that he can walk (without the walker in the background), see, feel his toes, & DANCE!  after years of severe diabetes  

CD recorded LIVE from MT. ZION in ISRAEL... EXPOSING THE SPIRIT OF THE ANTICHRIST IN OUR MIDST!   Dr.Carol recently ministered to intercessors gathered together from many nations in Jerusalem. God gave her a message of prophetic insight into the challenges of today. Many people described the teaching as "awesome." and  said it brought much clarity and refreshment into their lives. click here


Resource / Teaching Materials on healing, restoration and endtime matters  from God's Word. Many of these carry an anointing, and many people have reported GOD healing, supernatural breakthrough, deliverance, and restoration as they use them...CLICK HERE 

Healing for the Nations   Learn about GOD HEALING abroad. Would you like to join us as part of a healing team to other nations? Perhaps the Lord would have you help fund this work and rejoice with us in GOD healing, feeding, teaching and bringing BREAKTHROUGH to precious people in Kenya, Haiti, the  Philippines, and more... CLICK HERE


                  Special: BLESSING ISRAEL &  Upcoming Pilgrimage To The Holy Land!!    Feb. 2013, 2014   CLICK HERE for more

Travelling Ministers Fellowship (TMF)  Are you a travelling minister? Or do you sense you are being called by God into a travelling ministry? This special fellowship founded by Rafi and Dr. Carol may be for you.      CLICK HERE


   Rafi's Amazing Testimony: A Yogi Meets The Messiah  So many people have come to the Lord through Rafi's  Testimony about how Jesus miraculously  appeared to him when he was a young Jewish man living in a Hindu ashram as a yogi.    Click here to read his story.   NEWS... Rafi's testimony now in a new book by Destiny Image Publishers: TRUTH SEEKERS


     SHOP ISRAEL DIRECT!!!  ...Things Rafi and Dr. Carol have personally chosen from the Holylands. We make these items available you and your congregation from our storehouse in the USA. Our goal is to help bless the people of Israel ...even as they bless you with meaningful gifts and worship items from the Holy Lands. 

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        $29           Aronic Jewelry $80      Shofar $45        Anointing Oil $10        Spikenard $8+    


   Aaronic Blessing $22              $16             Worship Scarves $22        Sterling $32           $50


  Anointing $150     2-piece tallit set $24           Sacred Art $16               Lampstands $18+


Aaronic jewerly $50  Shofar$65           Mezuzah $20      Aaronic clip $18         Pendants with sterling chain

Please note that prices on items from Israel may vary due to fluctuations in international currencies.

GOD WANTS YOU WELL! audio CD...  Rafi's healing CD conveys powerful healing  through anointed ministry and music. Many have been healed listening to it. It is played in hospital rooms & prayer rooms. IT IS STRONG MEDICINE! healing medicine   CLICK HERE   

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