Healing for the Nations
"HEALING FOR THE NATIONS ministers to the whole person --spirit, soul, & body--  through conferences,  online services, & personal ministry."
  • Bringing healing & fuller life to people of all backgrounds. We have helped many 1000s of people of many nations experience God’s healing and transforming power for the whole person –spirit, soul, & body..
  • We share with people of all persuasions and do not charge a fee.... on radio, television, and with congregations large and small -wherever God opens the door.


                                                    2012 MIRACLE HEALING CRUSADE

  • Providing vital teachings & deep revelation, Rafi & Dr. Carol have travelled worldwide teaching the Word of God and watching God confirm His Word with signs following.
  • Serving as a spiritual haven for leaders with a heart for the nations and a heart to know God.  We are people with a big heart for Israel, and we relish our calling to serve before the God of Israel and His people.


Healing for The Nations - CANADA  
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In The Purposes of God
Healing for The Nations -

Rafi and Dr. Carol Cohen's outreach to the nations, bringing healing for body, mind, soul, and spirit. (Healing For The Nations no longer receives donations for the Houma-Bay project. It is supported elsewhere.)
  • Helped establish & support orphanage for children in Homa-Bay 2005-2008
  • Bible Studies
  • Healing and Evangelistic Crusade
  • Ministry Support, Fund Raising, & Spiritual Oversight 2006-2008 for Pastors David Oloo & Bishop Nashon Oloo and their ministries and church
Healing for The Nations - 
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Healing for the Nations - PUERTO RICO                   

  • Healing Conferences around the island
  • Leadership Training Series
  • Supply Israeli products for use in worship     
    and homes through local ministries


  Healing for the Nations - HAWAII  
  • Healing conferences for the WHOLE person

Dr. James Marocco's famous church King's Cathedral is headquartered on the islands of Hawaii. It  raises up pastoral teams for churches pioneered in the nations around the Pacific Basin - from New Zealand, to Alaska, to Guam and Indonesia. Hawaii is geographically centered at the hub, a cross-roads of the nations, and a unique melting pot of nationalities built on the traditional Hawaiin culture of hospitality and love. Healing for the Nations was asked to minister God's HEALING on the Islands of Kauai, Maui, and Honolulu at member churches.


  • Strategic intercession & prophetic teaching for leadership regarding Pacific Rim issues

Beautiful Hawaii is literally at the center of the Pacific. It is a strategic and highly significant place, such that New Age and occult groups like to be headquartered here. Not only are the islands the centerpiece of the Pacific Rim, they also have the highest mountain in the world (measured for sea floor to pinnacle) on the island of Kauai, and the largest mountain in the world (in terms of its sheer land mass at Mona Loa.) We were grateful that we were able to minister keys for breakthrough regarding occult strongholds in the land.


  • Rafi shares his testimony with hundreds in Maui & Honolulu

A CD/ cassette of this powerful service -that resulted in many people present coming forward for salvation- is available at the Online Store.



 Healing for the Nations - ALASKA

  • Healing Conferences in Anchorage, Kodiak Island, & Wasilla

  Healing for the Nations - HAITI

  • Healing Conferences
  • Spiritual oversite of a Haitian church network that does much church planting, and supports and feeds orphans & hungry children.

Their needs are especially urgent now in rural areas since the high price of oil for transporting goods has raised the price of  food greatly   --   so there is no longer enough food to go around.


  • Raise funds for needs of rural churches


At our rural churches in Haiti, there are no seats available for people when they attended church. or for children use when they go to the church for schooling. Funds provided through Healing for the Nations allowed people at one of the churches to purchase lumber  and  to bring it to the church site --using three different forms of public transportation to haul it in!


You can see people building the benches, and finally, enjoying the comfort of being able to sit during church services. The church that you see below still needs lumber for benches. The first church shared 4 of their benches with this church.

  • A gift of $400. would provide the rest of the seats needed by these wonderful people


Healing for the Nations - Holylands / Israel  click here for more

Organizing tours/ pilgrimage to Holy Lands to familiarize people with the land, its people, splendor & importance; support for artists & businesses through ONLINE STORE; strategic ministry & more...



Healing for the Nations - PHILIPPINES


  • Miracle Healing conferences

Several years ago the ministry of Healing for the Nations was needed in the Philippines. We had been recommended to a pastor of many churches on the Island of Mindanao, one of the southernmost and largest islands in the Philippines, which has a large Moslem population. Pastor Eddia Deita asked us to to bring the healing ministries to his people as well as impartation and training in healing.

Pastor Eddie oversees a large congregation in Kabasala, as well as many daughter churches in the western half of the island. Funds for medical care are scarce as are medical facilities, and so this is a people who largely depend on faith and prayer for sickness, disease, emotional trauma, mental illness, and so on.

Healing for the Nations raised funds for a crusade which would include the rental of a large facility, PA system, chairs, funds for transporation and food for several thousand local people who were expected to attend, and who could not otherwise afford to come to meetings from their rural villages. So in the spring time when monsoon rains were not happening and there was relative peace in this politically sensitive area, Rafi flew into Mindanao. That very day the headlines in the New York Times reported a bombing by dissidents of the airport where Rafi was arriving! Missionaries are often killed on the island, and so we prayed for his safety and for the meetings. When he arrived, the church gave him body guards and  the local government informed him that no public meetings would be allowed in the facility we were to rent due to the risk of harm to the people.

  • Gave funds to build a Bible College and an outdoor church facility for large gatherings on the Island of Mindanao

Nevertheless a blessing ensued. The funds that we had been raised to rent the meeting hall were instead used by the church to build an outdoor meeting facility. In addition, two cinder block rooms were added to the back of the church and shortly  became a Bible College! It all was built by the people in one long weekend.

People build the new meeting facility at the church


The healing conference proceeded with many supernatural healings and impartation of the healing ministry to the 1000s of  people who still came to the meetings. They camped under the stars with their families on the church grounds for the duration of the conference.

People worship in the new structure          Rafi preaching
 Rafi ministering at night in the new structure
 Cinder block wall of the new Bible College rooms is visible

While he was there, Rafi described the healing gifts and teachings of Dr. Carol that have touched many people of diverse backgrounds with emotional healing and transformation, and her gifting by God to pass these ministries on to others. So the pastor requested that she also visit the Island to conduct further training. Moreover, because many children who are orphaned have been sleeping on the floor of the church at night, Dr. Carol wanted to visit in order to see about the possibility of building an orphanage for them.

So Healing for the Nations raised funds for her trip, and 2 years later she went to the Philippines.

  • Training & Ministering to Leaders of Churches

Initially she went to Batangas Province near Manilla where a prior student of hers from Providence Theological Seminary in Canada asked her to minister.

Hannah Handojo and Rhoda Inch, career missionaries form New Brunswick, Canada, and China/ Indonesia, had spent 20 years of their missionary career ministering in the Philippine city of Cuenca. Cuenca was a major occult center and stronghold, so much so that Hannah and Rhoda later wrote a book about their experience there documenting the remarkable story of how, by the grace of God and through formidable spiritual warfare and patient ministry to the bedeviled, they led local witch doctors to the Lord... who later became the elders of the new church!

By the time Carol visited this wonderful work, a strong mother church existed as well as many daughter churches full of faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Dr. Carol was asked to conduct a several day leadership conference there and train people in healing ministries for the whole person. As well many of the leaders received ministry for heart, mind, and soul. Some physical healings were reported also. This is not unusual when the good Lord is healing hearts and souls.

      Dr. Carol preaching  in the beautiful open air mother church           Dr. Carol with leaders   
  Preparing to receive ministry                                      Dr. Carol with translator

Dr. Carol then flew to the Island of Mindanao to follow up on Rafi's prior trip there. She was provided protection and kept a low profile when she would leave the church compound due to the serious risk for Christian workers in this part of the Philippines.

Day and night she trained church leaders who attended from many towns. Healing for the Nations had raised funds to provide them and their families with food and transportation to the conference. As well she met with the children and the Bible College students (the Bible College had been growing... graduates planted churches in rural areas) and explored the viability of an orphanage.

Children greeting Dr. Carol with pageantry and joyful expectation
  Carol ministering at night                                      All ages in attendance
  • Validated need for an orphanage

Dr. Carol found several urgent needs: clean water was very scarce and so many of the children were chronically sick, teens were going blind from river blindness -even the church's wonderful worship leader- , and adults were suffering from chronic amoebic dysentery with many deaths from these things in the community.

The dear child in the front of the foto on the left attended almost every meeting. He is an orphan, mute, and although unschooled, he tries hard to learn by watching people around him.


  • Raised funds to provide clean water system for church population and orphans living at the church   

The most immediate need was for clean water and for several latrines to be built. That need had to be addressed with the $1500.  we had available before the need for an orphanage could be considered because only two water spigots were available at the church campus for orphan's as well as all the other people's cooking, hygiene and bathing needs.

Healing for the Nations was able to raise some additional funds for the construction of a holding and treatment tank for clean water at the church facility, which would often house 100s or even 1000s of people camping on the grounds, as well as the orphaned children seeking help there. We also provided some funds for medicine, but so much more is needed to address the needs.

Carol herself almost did not survive this trip. For weeks before she left the U.S., she had sensed this trip might endanger her life and had asked for much prayer. Before departing her travel partner, the head of a large orphanage organization, had suddenly cancelled, so Carol proceeded alone, not wanting to waste precious funds that were already committed to this trip. She was found unconscious one night by her host family, struck with the same malady many local people die from within 2-3 days. She was taken in the middle of the night to a 2-room hospital where the only doctor in the region served. He was a dedicated and highly educated Moslem man who had served here for 16 years. His practice earned him very little pay, but he had told Dr. Carol that he continued serving here because without him so many people would die very quickly of serious illnesses common to the area. Without his treatment that night Carol probably also would not have survived. We are so sad to say that the doctor has since left the region & is no longer able to serve these people.

The needs of the orphaned children continue. We are so touched in the Lord by how Pastor Eddie and his humble congregations continue to share what they do have -even the floor of the church- with the homeless children. Construction of an orphanage, its physical plant, and salaries for several workers would initially cost about $30,000. the first year, then $25,000 in subsequent years.

  • Raised funds for 3 church floors

Dr. Carol was asked to visit some of the rural churches that wonderful young graduates of the Bible College have planted and built with their own hands of cinder block and thatch. These are small, simple buildings in towns where no church exists. The young Bible College grads, now pastoral couples or teams of 2 men or 2 women, would live in the church with a simple bed sheet hung up to separate their small living space from the rest of the church. There is no running water. It has to be hauled for cooking, etc. But the biggest need - something the young pastors & couples -some newly weds! longed for-  was for concrete floors, because during the long rainy monsoon season, the floors of the church would literally flow with water and become inches-deep mud!  What a hard way for these wonderful young people to live...never able to keep their habtation or their marriage beds clean.

Rural communities Dr. Carol visited

The need was for $200. per church for cement for these floors. When Dr. Carol returned to the US, we were glad that Healing for the Nations could raise $600. to provide cement for the floors of 3 churches. Our hearts go out to the other churches that still need cement. A gift of $200. would make these sweet people very happen and add a great deal to their level of sanitation & quality of life.

As well the Philippine ministry of Healing for the Nations has contributed some support for Pastor Eddie's son Gerson, who is a missionary in Asian countries, as well as medical and other assistance to the pastor's  family as we are able.

  • Bible College & Training Material

There remains a great need for material and supplies for the Bible College and its students. The 2 rooms that were built several years ago that became the Bible College have been both the classrooms and dormitory for the Bible College students. By day the 2 cinder block rooms, each  lit by a single light bulb that hangs from the ceiling, are the 2 classrooms of the college. By night, the male students sleep in one room, and the women students in the other. There have not yet been funds available for windows. Healing for the Nations would be very glad to provide them as well as training materials and electronic gear to serve the needs of these dedicated ministers-in-training.

Dr. Carol speaks from below the pink banner in this        There is space to build an orphanage 
picture. To the right & left of her platform you can                on their church grounds
see the two cinder block rooms built for
the Bible College
  • Requests for return visits to Philippines

Pastor Eddie has repeatedly asked Rafi and Dr. Carol to return to his churches and especially to continue training for his people and leaders. He says that although missionaries and ministers visit his Island, Rafi and Dr. Carol bring the mature food that his people and Bible College students need. As well Dr. Carol was asked to be keynote speaker at an annual conference for women church leaders on Luzon Island.

We are hopeful that we will again be able to visit, minister, & teach in the Philippines, and share more Scriptural keys & mantles that the good Lord has blessed us with, along with CDs and DVDs of our teachings, and playing devices. We have been told many times that what we minister from the Gospel is deep and transforming that church leaders often want to hear it over and over to grasp all that the Lord is revealing to them through it. When funds become available at Healing for the Nations for this return trip, we know there will be a very happy reunion with our dear friends in the Philippine, and many more transformed lives.


 Healing for the Nations - GHANA

Ghana is a nation with many mature believers in Jesus Christ. Many are prosperous and well-educated and hold college degrees. Rafi was invited to minister healing and deliverance to these wonderful people, as well as to train leaders in these ministries.
  • Teaching and healing conferences, Accra & Takoradi 
   Modern Accra......... church and city life 
  • Leadership Training, Accra & Cape Coast
  Beautiful Cape Coast                       Leadership in Accra                             Leadership in Takori
  • Camp Meetings, Takoradi
The women worship separately from the men... 
Dance and worship...                           Rafi is helped by a translator
Gathering at night...                                                            A view of Takoradi

 Healing for the Nations - NIGERIA
Nigeria is a nation with many believers, but there is also much opposition to the gospel, and the need for spiritual warfare. The Nigerians believers are very strong in their faith and aggressive in taking hold of the promises of God. Even now Nigerian people are being sent out to other nations by their home churches to share their faith in other lands. Rafi was hosted in Nigeria by Apostle Peter Ekhaze who oversees churches in Ekpoma, Warri, and Benin, and asked  to encourage and build up his people. He also spoke at several other churches in Ekpoma.
  • Healing conferences, Ekpoma, Warri
  • Leadership seminar in Ekpoma, Warri, & Benin
 Ministering to Bible College students in Warri            Leadership - Ekpoma
  • Visiting other churches in Ekpoma

 Healing for the Nations - JAPAN 
  • Healing Conference, Ngoya
Japan has a very small Christian population -less than 4%!. Healing for the Nations was invited to a  vibrant congregation of believers hungry for the healing benefits of Yeshua, Jesus Christ.
  • Visit to Japan's Holocaust Museum
During World War II Japanese Ambassador  Masamichi Hanabusa  wrote 1000s of  Visas for German Jews to escape Germany and get refuge in Japan. -at personal risk to himself. This served to save the lives of about 8,000 Jewish people. He is honored in the Holocaust Museum in Ngoya. 
      Holocaust Museum in Ngoya, Japan

 Healing for the Nations - MYNEMAR (Burma)
  • Raising funds for orphanage
While Dr. Carol was a Professor of Counseling and Christian Psychology in Canada, she had the privilege of befriending a fine gentleman who oversees a large network of churches in  his country Mynemar. He was away from home and family for 2 years  for graduate training, knowing he could not return to visit his home and people during that long period due to the difficulty of entering and leaving his country. We will not provide his name because of the grave persecution of believers in Mynamar.
Dr. Carol learned from him that in addition to pastoring and  overseeing many churches in his country, he and his wife were personally housing dozens of orphans in their home!
When Dr. Carol heard about this she felt the call of God to get funds for an extension to be built on to his home to house the children. $11,000. was needed. She spent the summer of 2000 travelling to churches in Canada, sharing the ministry of God's Healing the Broken-Hearted, and dedicating the offerings to this need.
During those months of ministry hundreds of wonderful people from Manitoba to PEI were freed from secret lives of joylessness, tears, depression, chronic inner pain, and lack of faith and trust in God. Some reported that when they shared with others the good news of their own healing and the ministry that Dr. Carol taught, their friends' broken hearts were supernaturally healed too! $8,000 was raised and the other $4,000 came in from other charitable sources. Praise the Lord! 

 Healing for ther Nations - USA
  • Bringing the healing ministries to the homeless
  • Restoring the Healing & Other Benefits of the Feasts of Israel
To congregations, communities, families, and homes
  • Strategic Intercession & Kingdom Authority  accompanied by deep healing and refreshment
Feb.2009 Baltimore, MD: Teaching about The Fear of God for people wanting to serve well before the Lord of Hosts; ministering freedom from longstanding afflictions to the saints of God
Feb. 2009 Wildwood, NJ: 2 nights of training in Exposing the Spirit of the Antichrist in our midst plus breaking bondage to longstanding sickness & afflictions
Feb. 2009 Wilmington, DE: 3 days of special training & jubilant worship for mature believers receiving increased Kingdom authority, freedom & miraculous health
Feb. 2009 Wilmington, NC: Dr Carol teaches a gathering of Presbyterian women regarding special ministry & power that The King of Kings is now releasing for the purpose of preparing His Bride; she prays the release of God's Light and Revelation needed by people present to co-operate with Him in becoming pure and clean vessels, and for uncovering the hidden things deep within that may need His miraculous touch that we be made whole.
  • We love precious Hispanic congregations
    Healing meetings at Rose Hill, NC...                                            
...and in Van Nuys, Ca

Healing for the Nations - FRANCE
Healing for the Nations - SWITZERLAND
Healing for the Nations - ENGLAND
Healing for the Nations - IRELAND
Healing for the Nations - BELGIUM 
Healing for the Nations - AUSTRALIA
Healing for the Nations - MEXICO

 Healing for the Nations - THE NETHERLANDS
  • Ministry in many churches
Rafi has had many visits to the Netherlands over the past years where he led conferences, healing seminars, and services in churches and other ministry sites, such as YWAM, FGBMI, and Jewish congregations.
  • TV evangelism
His life story was made into a TV show that was aired nationally across The Netherlands in Dutch. According to the show's producers, it  touched many people's lives..

 Healing for the Nations - KENYA 2005-2008 click here for A SUCCESS STORY FOR ORPHANS

  • Supported orphanage for children in Homa-Bay 2005-2008
  • Bible Studies
  • Healing and Evangelistic Crusade
  • Ministry support, fund raising, and spiritual oversight
Rafi in Homa-Bay                                            Rafi in Magori 
Children being helped                      Opening the Orphanage 
Outdoor Healing Meetings                                        Miracle Crusade