Prayer Shawls & Accessories
Tallits & Tallit clips  -   all are from ISRAEL   -  The HOLYLAND
Prayer Shawls & Accessories  Tallits from $29
The PRAYER SHAWL (or "Tallit" in Hebrew) is worn by Jewish people all over the world as well as by many non-Jews, celebrating the Jewish roots of their faith. Today people use prayer shawls in  their devotionals, as holy adornment, and even as a kind of tent (or "hoopa") under which couples speak their marital vows at weddings. The PRAYER SHAWL stands for the covering from God which will be the real dwelling place of the new family.The prayer shawls we offer you here are all made by Orthodox Jews in Israel with the highest quality materials and workmanship. 

Our PRAYER SHAWLS and  CLIPS are all from ISRAEL, the Holyland. These prayer shawls are very high quality. You will not be disappointed. The designs on each shawl are woven or embroidered into the fabric. The tallit clips are made of solid, non-tarnishing nickel. They will stay bright and keep your prayer shawl in place around your shoulders. THE PRAYER SHAWL BAGS are special carrying cases to store your PRAYER SHAWL/ TALLIT and keep it clean. We ship to over 150 countries.

The Bible alludes to the prayer shawl in Numbers 15:37-41 when the LORD commanded the Israelites to wear fringes ("tzitzit") on their garments. The fringes were to remind them of the covenant God had made with them. Each time they saw the fringes, they would remember His covanent with them. The PRAYER SHAWL was actually created to hold the fringes.