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 Dr. Carol Cohen is an accomplished teacher, musician and writer as well as a pastor and former Professor of Christian Counseling and Psychology. With many areas of education and ministry, perhaps her greatest gift is sharing the inheritance and victory that is ours as believers in Jesus Christ. For more information about Dr. Carol see her website.



Areas of Ministry: "Lately we have seen the Lord use us to help people called to serve in the front lines  take their place with the Lord of Host for His commission and new anointing/ mantles. Many of these front line folks have been going through severe/serious testing and oppression. The teachings the good Lord has given us for them
help them live free from the increasing darkness and plundering in these days released by the spirit of the anti-christ. Exposing its functioning is of paramount importance at this time."

"Concomitant with all this is a deep release of freedom from affliction and longstanding illnesses that we see the Lord release during these meetings, especially for mature Christians."





One-Day Workshop                                            ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN.... to receive the healing touch of the Lord in some of the  the deepest areas of womanhood:
  • Broken hearts
  • Broken trust
  • Broken womanhood
  • Broken connection with real life & joy
This workshop is designed for all
women, and will be particularly helpful for mature women serving in, or called to, leadership.

  • Exposing The Spirit of Anti-Christ
  •  How It Functions In Our Midst
  •  Why Are God’s People Healed Only Slightly?
  • Revealing The Source of Confusion, Anxiety & Fear
  • Recognizing Bondage To The Anti-Christ Spirit
      -Invisible Walls of Isolation

  -Plundered Resources

  • A Vision of The Army of God
  • At War With The Saints...& Our Victory!
  • Why Fear of The Lord is Mandatory for The Army


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 Ron "Rafi" Cohen is a Jewish believer who accepted Yeshua as Messiah after an extraordinary journey of many yers searching for an encounter with the living God. A descendent of the Aaronic priesthood of ancient Israel, Ron was named at birth by his parents "Raphael", a Hebrew name that means "God is Healer " -- a foreshadowing of God's ultimate plan for his life.

He now travels to many lands teaching and demonstrating God's power to heal and transform lives. With powerful anointing and an understanding of the principles of the Kingdom of God, he passionately communicates God's message of life, hope,and healing. Miracles and signs  follow, with many testimonies of God's life-changing power through faith in Yeshua/ Jesus. For more information about Ron see his website.