Rafi's Amazing Testimony
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   Literally thousands of people have been saved after hearing Rafi's personal story about how Jesus appeared to him, a young Jewish man, while he was living as a Hindu guru!!    Read his testimony here (scroll to bottom of page).
His full 1-hour testimony makes a wonderful and very interesting witnessing tool for people who are in the "new age," Jewish people, and people in the occult.  You can order a copy in DVD or cd here.
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Read How Rafi's Testimony Freed A Man From Years of Bondage...

This is an excerpt from a letter we received from people who were involved in new age  and in India years ago. But they still struggled with tormenting bondage, even after experiencing salvation. They listened to Rafi's personal testimony and then commanded any spirits still holding them bound to leave:
"Not only was I a yogi for 20 years ...but...[my husband]...found me through the New Age and Yoga connections ...He was a long time devotee of Sai Baba of India!  He lived at the ashram and massaged the guru's feet... .he has been tormented with many spirits since leaving India, and needed much healing --  I listened to your tape... and we had a fantastic deliverance! It was like the missing piece! Your testimony not only gave me faith and anointing -- but you mentioned a very specific demon, Shakti, which we had not yet delivered.... Oh, the glory of God as we entered in to all He had... last night! He commanded that ...thing to leave in the name of Jesus -- and it left!!! ...afterward he felt so free, he could have praised God all night long!  Thank you for your faithfulness!  Thank you for coming to Charlottesville!  ...Thank you for celebrating with us that God always has more for us!!! More healing and more love and more of Him!"

Charlottesville, VA July 8, 2009 

Many years ago, after ten years of seeking, I was sitting on a bench, on campus, in Berkeley, California, a Guru, one who had realized the truth. All was light;1 Atman merged with Brahman, cosmic consciousness. I sat on that bench for 35 days, cross-legged, wearing white robes, long hair, flowers, mostly silent, talking in a hand sign language, sharing to the 40 or 50 devotees that were continually around me about the nature of God who I believed to have seen2 and knew and was one with.
Before that time I was in India with many Gurus, Enlightened Ones, and Supreme Spiritual Masters. One in particular  has millions of Indian followers and thousands of American followers. He doesn't claim to be the Christ but the one who sent Jesus to the world 2,000 years ago. He sits on a throne, adorned with flowers, having thousands of people kissing his divine feet,3 as he says "Sohum" (I am that I am).4      


This one, called Sai Baba is able to manifest jewels, pictures, food and holy ash all by a wave of his hand in the air. Cripples walk, diseases are healed (temporarily), and thousands are fed out of a few buckets of food, manifesting the signs and wonders of the spirit of Antichrist.5      


Near the end of our 35-day stay in Berkeley, a man came up to me on campus and asked me if Jesus was in my heart. I said, in hand sign language (for I was mostly silent), "For sure Jesus is in my heart, and Ram is in my heart, and Krishna, and you're in my heart, too!"      

Then he asked me if I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I laughed and said, "For sure!" holding up my hand to show him the blue light (shakti) coming out of my fingertips, "You can see it."      

He then looked me in the eyes and pointed his finger at me saying, "You are lying. Jesus is not in your heart and you do not have the Holy Spirit." He abruptly walked away and I laughed him off, thinking he was obviously caught up in an illusion-in duality-for I thought it was all one-good and evil, right and wrong, Jesus and Satan were all just in the mind, not having any reality, for we can easily transcend the mind.      


We then all traveled to upstate New York to an ashram (yoga commune) where we met another Guru who told us that he was being tormented by lying spirits. Then, after he was given a tract of 1 John 4:6, saying to test the spirits6 (energies) in the name of Jesus, for not all spirits are of God, he found a tremendous release from these tormenting spirits and yogic energies (shakti-kundalini).


He told us to test the energies (shakti) that was in all of our bodies to see if it confessed Jesus Christ as Lord, come in the flesh, and now risen at the right hand of the Father.      


Wanting only the truth, I did that, exactly as the Word of God says. I asked Jesus into my heart and tested the energies within my body. Within two hours they all drained out of my feet leaving me with a totally empty feeling. All shakti was gone-all powers were gone.      


Three weeks later 24 of us ended up in Virginia Beach where we went to a spirit-filled church. I immediately knew that what I was seeing there, I didn't have. People were raising their hands, speaking in different languages, worshipping the Lord Jesus in a way that was completely foreign to me.7 By the end of the night we were filled with His Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, and knowing in a way never before experienced, that Jesus is the only way to God, the Father, the only way to truth, and all other ways are a deception and a lie.      


You must be born again to enter the Kingdom of God!8        

And this was how I, born a Jew, came to know Jesus as my Messiah, God's Christ! Living in Jesus is the real joy, peace and love that Yoga is trying to imitate. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and no one comes to the Father but by Him.9    

Vegetarianism,10 purifying the body and mind, meditation, celibacy in marriage, are all vain works11 in an attempt by man to reach God, the Father, when Jesus Christ, His Son, has made the way complete. Do not believe the lie found in Yoga and all Eastern religions for in doing so, we turn our back on God and salvation in Christ Jesus, our only hope.      

The Bible warns us, 'Beware in the last days of false religions coming from the East preaching vegetarianism, abstention from marriage and the breaking-up of family life." Do not be misled by false prophets,12 deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons, which are abundant in our earth in these last days-such as Hatha Yoga, transcendental meditation, mantras,13 and reincarnation-the belief that you can attain God over a period of lifetimes, a lying doctrine, for man is appointed once to live and once to die14 and now is the appointed time of salvation.15  




My dear brothers and sisters, test the energies, the path, the way you are trying in your search for the truth. Test it! If it is of God, it confesses Jesus as Lord, come in the flesh and risen again. If it is the truth you are seeking, ask God to show you and ask Jesus Christ into your heart. Be willing to open your heart, to repent, to change the old ways and admit that you haven't been following God's ways. Receive the precious blood of Jesus.         

Say this simple prayer:  

"Oh, Father God, I have tried so many ways and methods to come to know You but all have failed in the end. I want so much to know the truth. Jesus, come into my heart and be the Lord of my life and show me Your truth. I thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord, for making me a new creature in You, redeemed by Your blood and saved by Your grace. "    


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      The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the Gospel!  

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