Worship  SCARVES
Beautiful Scarves...in 6 different biblical Themes: Light, Peace, Love, HEALING, Angels, The Commandments
These outstanding, beautiful full-size scarves can be used as coverings for worship and the Sabbath, as dress accessories, as shawls, to wrap around a wide brimmed hat, as table runners, for dance costumes, to wave in worship, to hang from tambourines, and to make into flags or banners
Scarves come in a choice of colors  
They are so special, you may want to get several - with differing colors and meanings.
Please see CARE below.  Important: We have added these scarves to our product line because of their relevance and beauty, but please note, they are not from the Holylands.  

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CARE OF YOUR SCARF:   Wash scarf by twirling it gently in cold water wash. Lay it out flat to dry. It is natural for a few flecks of gold foil to come off at times. Do not put your scarf in a drier. Do not wring it out. Be sure to dry it laid out flat. Do not use hot water on it. Do not iron. Also please avoid using bleach products on it.