Travelling Ministers Fellowship (T.M.F.)  
...for encouragement, resources, fellowship, and strategic positioning
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Please CLICK HERE to access the TRAVELLING MINISTERS FELLOWSHIP  website at TMFonline.org. to find out more.   


Some years ago beginning in 1989,  Rafi oversaw a fellowship of over 100 ministers with the help of 2 other men. It was for the purpose of teaching, encouraging, and training other traveling ministers into their calling, and creating a place of mutual fellowship.
In 2008 we sensed the Lord wanted to rebirth this fellowship for traveling ministers in a manner that is in keeping with the new work God is doing in His people and in the emerging army of God.  
          In particular we believe it is to be a "house" of covering, health, and protection for people called to travelling ministry and its particular challenges. During Passover April 2008 we formally began this Fellowship as we "Passed Over" into a new time in the Lord, leaving the OLD behind  --even our old lives and ministries.  Already a number of wonderful people from 11 nations have joined with us in the Traveling Ministers Fellowship.  

Please CLICK HERE to access the Travelling Ministers Fellowship website at TMFonline.org. to find out more.