Could you help?
Wonderful volunteer Jackie Hardin stuffing envelopes          We so appreciate Betty's hospitality ministry


Volunteers: We need volunteers to staff our Wilmington and Israel bases (minimum 1-3-mo. shifts) to help run the office, phones, and Internet, and to care for the physical plant and grounds.



Please let us know if you could volunteer some time at the ministry bases in Wilmington North Carolina or in Israel. We need assistance in the following areas:

          General office                                           
           Audio – video  
           Computer tech & electronic equipment                                 
                             Cook, clean, transportation,
                             Social eventss – counseling
         Telephone ministry
      □      Set up & take down for events
            Research / librarian
           PR / fundraising
           Legal   / accounting                
           Co-ordinate Volunteers / Administration
           I could serve at the Aliyah Project base in Israel for 1-3 months

Contact us at:
tel:       302 559-1766 
email:  revrafi@aol.com
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